The Manso River allows us to enjoy class II/III rafting called “Rafting Villegas”, ideal for beginners, and families with children from 5 years old.

For those who prefer a little more of adrenaline, the experience “Rafting Frontera”, class III/IV is undoubtedly an unmissable adventure, suitable for adults over 14 years old.


The surroundings of the camp inspire to hike and enjoy easy walks through native forests. We can access to unique viewing points, learn about local flora, visit old settlers and pionners, and appreciate amazing sceneries of Patagonia.

The paths are gentle with slight slopes, ideal for all levels.


The horseback rides invite us to explore remote and pristine areas accompanied by a local expert guide. We cross large tracts of fields discovering new landscapes and mountains, guarded by the imposing walls of Cerro Bastion.


We have special trips focused in wellness and health. The camp has areas specially designed to enjoy moments in full contact with nature, while we do a yoga session, under the coihue forest or by the river.


At the banks of the Manso River and through incredible landscapes, we will find the “Circuito de las pasarelas”, a magnificent and vibrant 22 kilometers long route, ideal to enjoy a mountain bike ride. Along the way, we will pass through lush forests of coihues, radales and maitenes, visiting local people and discovering beautiful viewpoints on the banks of the river.


The Manso River is one of the best fishing scenarios in the region, as it allows us to catch the iconic Patagonian Trout, in a unique natural environment. The camp can offer exclusive fly fishing trips in its surroundings, with professional guides, equipment, and fishing permits.


This activity that was born in the European Alps, can also be done in the lower Manso River, navigating with the “hidro” (floating table) the vibrant rapids and adrenaline-filled class III/IV waterfalls. The activity is carried out with special neoprene suits, neoprene boots, fins and a life jacket. and the supervision of professional guides (it is required to know how to swim and very good physical condition)


Guided experience to observe the sky, first with the simple sight, recognizing stars and constellations, and then through the telescope, observing star clusters, nebulae and if possible some galaxies.


Relax your body and mind with a personalized massage session of 50 minutes, relieving massages, back and neck, reiki. Enjoy a relaxing experience immersed in nature.